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Service Centre for Eastern Europe



Opening of the service center, for whom it is intended and its benefits


In May 2013 the service center was opened in the Czech Republic for customers from Central and Eastern Europe.

Servicing has been entrusted to CESE Ltd.

We think that this way of servicing for the customer is very fast, simple and comfortable.

This avoids troubles with customs administrations and the customer gets the goods at the given address within 2 days.



Costs associated with the warranty complaint (shipment)


The customer pays only the cost of shipping the goods claimed to the service center address.

The cost of shipping new or repaired goods back are covered by the service center, if the claim is justified.



Warranty period


A 3-year warranty - for E650 e640 e670 e680 (e600 OPTREL expert series) - made after August 1, 2011 (Serial NO.: 1131 - .........) decisive being the date of production (not sale)

A 2-year warranty - generally for all other products - from the date of purchase to end-user (an invoice or warranty card completed by the seller)


The date on the warranty card or invoice filled in by seller is decisive!


Vendors must take care not to have goods unsold for more than 6 months from the date of manufacture!



Complaint Procedure


What should the seller do:

1) Take over cartridges from the customer

- check if the cartridge is covered by the warranty period

- check if the cartridge is damaged mechanically

- check if there are splatters on the optical parts

- check if a solar cell is broken

- check whether the batteries are exhausted - replace both batteries


2) Fill in the form

The most important points:

- the contact of the responsible person for any additional questions

- the address for return forwarding

- the most detailed description of the defect

- the serial number of the product


3) Send the subject of warranty to:


OPTREL service center

Rosická 47


664 41

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